Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Starbuck's...where everyone knows my name....

Due to some generous friends and family, I have a whopper of a balance on my Starbuck's card. So Tuesday mornings I run in since it is also iTunes Tuesdays and I can get a free download for a song.
I must be the only person who knows this because until I come in, the employees haven't remembered to put out the new cards. And I always have to ask. Therefore I have earned the name "Music Girl" or "iTunes Girl" or some of them know my name as Kristy. So this Tuesday the barrista asked my name & as she was writing it on the cup she mentioned she may have not spelled it correctly. I told her unless she started my name with a "K", she was wrong. She told me she should have guessed that since I didn't look like a "C". I was oddly flattered.....


  1. I already blew through my $100 of gift cards. :( Boo Hoo. It's because I, more often than I should have, added a cookie to my order. Oh well, my birthday is coming up so maybe I'll get some more!

  2. No, not necessarily but it's always a go-to gift for me!